The Greatest Gift

The Love Declaration is a self-responsible rigorous languaging of unlimited compassion whose purpose is to unify humanity despite all that would separate us. It stands upon the realization that regardless of our individual cultural backgrounds, faith persuasions, or other life-contextualizing paradigms, there is only One Humanity and it includes ALL of us. The Love Declaration offers each member of mankind the continual practice of remaining awake to the truth of our fundamental interconnectedness, and it asks each of us to live our lives from the profound realization of our deepest and most sane truth… that each of us actually does love everyone else that exists…because everyone else is also a part of us.

To act as if we are NOT one humanity, to NOT respectfully see all other beings as inherent equals…this is what it means to be a ‘separated one’, and to perpetuate the diseases of hate, war, and fear. Consider the impact and the value of giving up all such separated ways of being. Consider that this IS possible because each of us makes the choice to love or fear each moment. Consider CHOOSING to be only Absolute Love. Consider that this could be the greatest experiment you and I may ever initiate. Consider this experiment– to simply be loving towards all other beings–may be the greatest gift you and I will ever be able to give this world.