How You Can Help

What you can do….

(Beyond downloading and sharing The Love Declaration…… )

If you recognize that sharing The Love Declaration across the world is worth doing, please consider how else you might participate or support that happening.  Some ways we have listed below, and as you may see some possibility we have not thought of, please offer us whatever you see too.  

In the beginning…Now… our biggest ‘wish’ is translations. 

We would appreciate a lot of translation assistance.  What we must accomplish as quickly as possible is getting at least The Love Declaration translated in its entirety into the ten most ‘major’ languages of the world.   And while computer technology now includes translation software, we’ve discovered the final translations must be done by fluent speakers so that we know the true spirit of the Declaration is being made available.  

The translations that we are currently posting are NOT necessarily final.  Please help us make them better.  

In the future…

As The Love Declaration spreads, there shall be a huge work to be done in terms of providing followup spiritual support for people that are newly responding to The Love Declaration’s inherent invitation to ‘be true’.  Actually, that will be a much larger mission than doing the world-wide distribution, and in the long run, is probably much more important.  So that is why this website is including a Love Declaration Newletter signup form and a Blessing Circle signup form, as well as the option to sign The Love Declaration itself….  because being responsible for creating something also means being responsible for nurturing and sustaining it too, and that means being able to communicate with ‘the community’…. the common unity.     

Exactly how all that nurturing will happen will probably amaze us all, but as we all are both learners and teachers, it’s fair to realize we are ‘on call’ as examples, and it would be good to be prepare our skill sets for service at all required levels.  That means some will write, some will host gatherings, some will inspire with talents, some will heal by listening, and so on.  It’s really the same as what has already been happening, only with a new wave of new listeners.  In any case, this mission recognizes that it also has a major sustaining work to do after it gets the distribution job done, and understands that there is no limiting of that work either.  So we’d love to be your partner in that arena also…  There will be no lack of opportunities for the willing….

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