Love Declaration History

A History of The Love Declaration

The Love Declaration was originally written in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the spring of 1986 by then-38 year old David Seacord as a personal clarification exercise.  David was inspired by a challenge from one of his teachers of the time (transformational philosopher Werner Erhard) who invited  his students to “get clear about it because it’s important self-knowledge: What is your fundamental principle in this life?”.  Responding to that challenge, David began attempting to write his fundamental principle. Do so became a daily spiritual practice of asking himself the question, then looking within and discovering deeper truths laying under the surface truths. In response to this process, again and again he re-wrote and refined his fundamental principle statement.  By the end of a few weeks of this discipline, The Love Declaration had been born.  (Then there was nothing left to do but discover what it would be required to live it.  And of course the answer turned out to be:  Everything.) 

Also however, as part of the process of the Declaration’s birth there arose an awakening to the calling of a Visionary Voice inside him speaking about a great purpose for The Love Declaration. David was guided to understand that something similar to what he had written had to also live, at least as a spark or ember, in every other being too.  The initial Great Vision was that if he put this Declaration on a large scroll, and then personally went to all the leaders of the world and powerfully invited them to sign it, that if they seriously did that and then actually lived it too, then Mankind would be a huge step closer to Peace on Earth.  So that is what David Seacord with great idealism set out to do…

After months of preparations,  in the fall of 1987 the first Love Declaration Mission was launched.  And…for the next two years, David and his motorhome wandered the western  half of the United States, presenting the Declaration and his planetary vision for it to whomever he met, wherever he met them.  He followed generous referrals and introductions and responded as invited to speak or lead seminars about it. It was in many ways a truly magical journey, grace opening brand new doorways unendingly,   and David repeatedly experienced that support and financial gifts always appeared exactly as needed….and he learned again and again that life is to be trusted, not feared.

Yet …eventually a challenging cloud arose… in the form of a deep personal longing for the appearance of his ‘soul mate’. That longing caused some unwise relationship choices to be made… and as a result of feeling that he had in that way transgressed the Declaration, David felt ashamed and lost power. Then, isolated and depressed at his failure, he “ended the Mission” in the fall of 1989.  According to one oracle prophesy received at that time, “You have done much very good work with many other people, but you have been shallow in doing the work yourself.  Your work now is to learn to love yourself.”

To briefly summarize the past thirty +/- years—exactly that (learning to love himself) has been what the inner life of David Seacord has been about, although ‘on the outer’ there have also been many changes of form in the curriculum.  A beautiful son was born and turbulently raised by his ‘good but unfortunately quite inharmonious’ parents, a new career as a fine art painter was discovered and lived into (, a new significant relationship and a new way of living were entered (eating a rawfood diet & regularly waterfasting), and several important new teachers appeared to be learned from.  As the years passed there always remained a knowing in David that the work of The Love Declaration in the world was not truly finished. Thus there has been a waiting for his maturity to ripen… that ‘in God’s timing’ it would be right to ‘begin again’.

Now in his 70’s, while waterfasting, that time of waiting ended as David recognized the potentially huge difference The Love Declaration could make in the world at this prophetic and chaotic time…. and he accepted a new activation—to again present The Love Declaration (in a slightly amended form, as three words have been added) to the entire world.

That current plan?   To translate and send The Love Declaration to the world via the internet; give away free downloadable pdf’s so that people could print and share their own copies with their families and friends, in the faith that doing just that would be enough to spark miracles everywhere.

So what is our message to you? It is that today is a supremely important time for The Love Declaration to be shared across humanity.  Why? Because today the consciousness of the planet has moved to a powerful, prophetic moment of opportunity.  Because there now exists communication technologies unheard of during the first mission.  Because there now exist millions of natural partners… conscious beings already fully in alignment with this Declaration who can assist in accomplishing this mission…  and because what is needed now is not a document signed by the world’s leaders, instead, what is needed is a very simple thing: to distribute the Declaration across the planet in as many languages as possible and allow it to speak its message to the Heart of all who receive it.  Just doing this one thing will call many awake to themselves newly.  And each one who awakens will add their light to the total Light. And that is the mission of the Declaration now… in partnership with the thousands of other light-sourced expressions of pure Love…to generate a quantum increase of the world-wide Light at this time, right NOW, that uncountable miracles of Absolute Love may arise everywhere and dissolve the grip of fear upon this Earth, that we may all enter a new World of Love. “   

Please join with us in this work however you are able.  Especially, please download the free PDF’s and use them to share The Love Declaration.  You doing just that will create miracles.  And those miracles will beget other miracles which will beget and beget further miracles into infinity.  For that is all The Love Declaration is really all about.  

Thank you. 

Updated February 2022