The Blessing Circle

The Love Declaration

Blessing Circle 

The Blessing Circle is a unifying spiritual practice that you are invited and encouraged to consider adding to your life.  It is very simply the practice of consciously visualizing pouring a daily blessing of Absolute Love upon all beings who have recognized, like you, that (a)The Love Declaration speaks for their being too, and (b) who have entered this circle requesting to both receive your blessings, and committing to send you and everyone else in the circle a daily blessing also.  What that creates is a circle of mutual spiritual support, or said another way, a Gathering of Light…a Pool that we all give to and we all receive from.  As the Circle grows, it will become possible (via email etc.) to coordinate our joined focus whenever a clear and urgent need for Light occurs, such as during natural disasters, or simply to offer healing thought energy to specific individuals requesting it.  This is a clear example of contributing to life ‘on the level of thought’, and one that develops each of us spiritually.  If you are guided to participate in this practice with us, please do signup for the newsletter email list to stay updated as we develop this vision. Thank you.