Gatherings in Love

Gathering Together and Living The Love Declaration Vision…

All past Love Declaration gatherings have each individually been a part of a series…part of a multi-year, multi-decade “intentional event string”… created and dedicated to bringing into existence a tangible and measurable ‘towards Love’ shift in the consciousness of humanity and in human affairs one unto each other. Each gathering is intended to be an opportunity for a particular kind of sacred recognition to occur…. the individual remembrance of our unity, our fundamental selflessness. This remembrance occurs by becoming willing to hear the always-present invitation within our hearts to set aside our culturally-programmed beliefs in the illusions of the separated ‘I’-state, and enter the domain of our true unity.

All future Love Declaration ‘Gatherings-in-Love’ that David Seacord will create with you in response to your invitation to do so, the primary tools used to assist our remembrance practice are group devotional music, mantra, meditation, movement, healing touch, and rigorously truthful speaking (i.e., radical honesty). All gatherings facilitated by other people will reflect their individual skill-sets, of course, and there is no barrier to the use of The Love Declaration in the workshops and seminars of other “teachers of God”. As the Master Jesus promised, to the degree allowed by our individual and group readiness to embrace the opportunity to set our personal ego-selves aside, openings for spiritual miracles can and will and do occur—resulting in a renewed and upgraded Presence of Love in our hearts which, if cultivated, will offer trust-able guidance from within for the remainder of our lives.

As the group consciousness contains the individual consciousness, each of us being and remaining present creates a fully equal and circular transformational partnership… blessed with the power to gift and elevate the whole, the everywhere every-when common unity. Fundamentally, the invitation of these gatherings is simply to more ecstatically recognize that there are no actual limits to being whole.


About David Seacord. I am simply a human being willing to serve from the front of the room. I am on a faith-walk through this earthly life, using all the gifts and talents I have been given by God to contribute The Love Declaration to the evolution of mankind. I began this Mission in 1986 at the age of 38, and I view the Mission as planetary, vital to the future of the Earth, and worthy of the rest of my life.

I am sustained and financially empowered in this Love Declaration work by your donations and gifts, and by artistic income from my paintings and music ( and Thank you for considering how you may best contribute to assist this work moving forward, and for your generosity. Also, don’t forget to please join my email list to stay connected. The sign up form is directly below.