The Love Declaration

(Original Version)

I am your Partner

in Awakening from Fear.

From this moment on,

at all times,

and under all conditions,

I Declare I am

and I will be,

A Conscious Source

of Absolute Love;

and I promise

I will serve only this Love,

in you,

in me,

and in All,

no matter what,

for the rest of my life.



The ‘Expanded’ Love Declaration

This is my Sacred Word.
I have recognized I am One with All Life,
and therefore I am One with You,
and therefore I am Your Partner.
I have recognized that We share a common purpose,
and I have recognized that purpose is to Awaken to Love.
I have recognized that what Awakening IS
is to embody the profound Knowing
that Love is the True Reality,
and that Love is All-Encompassing and has no opposite.
I have recognized that all the myriad forms of Fear
that appear to me as real are in Truth actually False…
that while they are real-seeming, they are illusions,
that by believing in them I profoundly limit my own Being.
I no longer choose to continue limiting my Being.
I choose to be free to choose to be Love.
Therefore, I have recognized
I am your partner
in awakening
from fear.

From this moment on then,
this shall be my Path, my Way.
At all times and under all conditions
I commitment myself to Remembering
that what is True is True,
and what is False is False.
I Declare I was created True.
I Declare I AM True.
I Declare I will always Be True.
I Declare I will Remember
I AM, in Truth, One with All Beings
(regardless of apparent sentient levels).
I Declare my Love of All Beings is Absolute,
and that by Remembrance of the Truth I AM
I Be ‘a Conscious Source of Absolute Love’ for All Life.

I promise I will henceforth live this Way.
I promise I will fulfill my partnership with You, and with Life,
by using this moment, this hour, this day
to serve the deeper and deeper Awakening of Love—
within You, within myself, and within all Beings.
And I promise this no matter what…
no matter how many times
I may forget or fail or fear to do so
I promise I will always return my life to serving this Love
upon Remembering who I AM.

I commit my Being to this Promise,
this Purpose, without any exception,
for the rest of my Life.
This is my Sacred Word.