On Being Your Word

On Being Your Word
© David Kenyon Seacord

What is the power that empowers The Love Declaration and makes it valuable? It is your Word. Without your Word, the Love Declaration is only a nice idea, a fairy tale ideal. Nice perhaps, but hardly life-changing. Yet, if you activate yourself as your Word, that is another matter, for true miracles are then possible, for you and The Love Declaration have become One, and you are it.

All the Masters have and do speak this… ‘say to the mountain “Move”, and it shall move’ (Jesus)… that is one example of the power of your Word. Yet in ‘normal’ human life very few people understand this power. Most have no idea what ‘having a Word’ means…. it is a concept that has intentionally been buried, intentionally hidden. Consider however, that if all of us are ‘born equal’, how is it that there is such disequality in our lives? Ultimately, disequality is a function of disequality of Knowledge.

While I do not believe there are ever ‘accidents’, I do believe that there are ‘consequences’. Our lives are the fruit (or the ‘consequences’) of our choices. Our choices are the result of our vision, and our vision is the result of our self-knowing. Further, our self-knowing is the result of our self-honesty, and our self-honesty is the result of our commitment to ‘being true’, or said another way, our integrity, or yet another way…. our ability to BE our Word. All of this rests upon the recognition that ultimately we are nothing but our Word… that we even ARE is because our Creator/Source gave us being by His/Her/Its Word (and we in Its Image), and in so doing, extended the same creative power onto us.

And that is the power that The Love Declaration calls forth in anyone who declares it as the voice of their being. That is it’s purpose. How else can anyone ‘awaken from fear’ except to discover the power of their own Word, especially when given ‘before God and Man’. Personal transformation is not usually instantaneous…. usually it is gradual, but layer by layer, repeating the Declaration leads the soul of that being back to its source of power…. the power to know itself as its Word, and then of course, the power to give its Word and thus, create a new awakened reality simply as a consequence of giving its Word.

Once this has occurred, there are no longer any limits to what is possible in life, and also nothing in reality to actually fear. For nothing is more powerful than being your Word.