The Plan

Dear Friend of Life and Love,  

Each time The Love Declaration is read it intentionally creates a moment of conscious choice. And, because each time a being chooses Love— whether for the first time or the thousandth time— it realigns that being with our one mutual fundamental-but-often-forgotten ‘purpose that transcends all others’: to Love one another regardless of our differences. So the potential cumulative positive impact sum of Good Will The Love Declaration has the ability to generate— simply by being universally distributed— is incalculable. Thus, this mission is about creating within mankind an immense surge of Good Will, and then, responsibly sustaining it.

This is a huge mission. I pray you will recognize it is OUR mission. I AM calling YOU, I AM inviting YOU, I AM welcoming YOU into this mission with me. I ask for YOUR generous participation and support of this very real, very simple, very concrete action plan to create a very now-required quantum leap of Love and Light on Planet Earth.  

What is the Plan? It is clear this mission will use the in-place internet-based communication technologies available as one of it’s distribution systems; it is clear a completely free downloadable version of the Declaration must always be available; it is clear the project must become financially viable; it is clear the Declaration must be translated profusely and accurately; it is clear that an ability to provide followup educative/teaching support must be created; it is clear that a legal structure might be useful; it is clear that an advisory council of deep wisdom, integrity, and experience and without interest conflicts would be very beneficial;  it is clear there must be developed the capacity to provide inspirational speakers wherever invited; and it is clear that given this project effectively completed will open a new life view in large numbers of people, that the primary guiding ethic of this Work must be dogma-free selfless service.

The Love Declaration is initially self-explanatory.  As a being commits to living it, its true value as a spiritual tool occurs… in allowing it to naturally lead into… and open… the immense ageless body of universal wisdoms it rests upon.  If this is your ‘lightworker assignment’, if it’s the one YOU have been waiting for, there is a place here for you, your brilliance, your generously offered resources or skills, for there is much Work Worth Doing to be done manifesting this Vision.  As we know you know, there is only one of us.   And, understanding the truth in Margaret Meads quote (paraphrased)—that it is always a group of truly committed people who ‘make the difference’—we welcome your responses. (Please use the questionnaire included below.) Thank you.  

In Absolute Love and Service,

David Seacord 


Love Declaration Questionnaire

Who are you? (Name, address, contact info, photo etc).
In what ways could you/do you envision yourself working with this Project?
What skills and/or resources are you willing to offer (or considering offering)?
Do you have questions that have not been addressed (and what are they)?
What are the parameters of your availability? (can work from home/ can travel/ can donate x hrs/_, etc)
What else would you like us to know? (Your comments/ thoughts/ anything else)….

Thank you. Please send your response via email to:

We welcome you. We’ll contact you back quickly… normally within 2-3 days max…(i.e., barring creative chaos 🙂